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Clash Of Clans 2015 Update

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Clash of Clans online is a hot favorite game worldwide and it was initially made for both IOS and Android, and was available on iTune store and G-Play store. Plan-wise, it is an epic combat strategy game where the participants can construct and extend one village, train their personal troops, and can play and fight with other online players. It can be played on mobile, so players can continue the mock battle while on the move.

Actually you might have asked yourself why there hasn’t been anything to all the April 1st “rumors” here on AllClash so far. To be honest I thought everybody should know that these is another April 1st joke from Supercell as they always do on April 1st and not get that bothered about it but after have gotten tons of mails and PMs I finally decided that it might be the time to get some details on this wrapped up in a post.
The mysterious Goblin King for April 2015
This one got spotted in a prepped screenshot from a Tweet that Supercell made:
You can clearly see the new Altar there and even when I ignore the fact that it released on April 1st this could be true but right after that there was this official post in the Supercell Community Event:
Now you should have smelled the fooling because Supercell did also directly point to their prepped up picture and the other features… reworked Archer Queen AI (targeting Walls) and lightning Gem Boxes… come on 

Will there be a April 2015 Update?

The good news is that Supercell also did an April joke last year shortly before announcing Clan Wars. I personally am not that sure that we will see the next Clash of Clans Update in April as the last Update was end of February and Supercell was taking about 2 month between Updates at least. Please mind this my personal opinion but I think we will see another event or even Sneak Peeks by the end of the month.
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