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How depression and bipolar disorder are different

Monday, July 23, 2012

Although an individual suffering from Bipolar will also suffer from depression whether it is mild form or severe, there is a clear cut difference because in Bipolar patient’s they will suffer from severe mood swing of Mania or Hypomania (high) and Depression (low). With Depression a patient will suffer from low mood to periods of normal moods.

Depression Developing to Bipolar Disorder It is possible a person diagnosed with depression may already have Bipolar Disorder, this is because an individual with Bipolar Disorder particularly Bipolar II will only seek help in light of a depressive episode whilst being unaware of the hypomania episode because it ‘feels good’;  therefore a psychiatrist will diagnose the patient as Depressed.

How depression and bipolar disorder are different
Also it is not unheard of for Depression to progress to Bipolar Disorder sometimes caused by self medication and self harm; this includes alcoholism, hallucinogenic drugs (LCD) and so on.

Treatment Differences between Bipolar and Depression patients

The treatment for Depression and Bipolar is usually different, Bipolar is commonly treated with a mood stabilizing drug the first prescribed is usually Lithium Salts and Depression is commonly treated with Selective Serotonin Reuptake inhibitors better known as SSRIs  which are Antidepressants.

However some bipolar patients with more depressive symptoms may be treated with antidepressants like a depression patient, this is reason for the misconception on the difference between the illnesses.

Recovery in Bipolar and Depression Patients

Bipolar disorder is a disease that cannot be cured however it can be managed with medication and support in some cases. However with depression many are cured and live full lives without an episode without medication, although this is subject to the form of depression, for example Postpartum Depression is usually cured after 3-4 months after pregnancy.

What a Depression Patient won’t experience:

Pressured Speech

Elevated Mood

Hyper sexuality

Spending money excessively

Unrealistic Goals

Over Confidence

Associated Features and Illnesses

A Bipolar patient is commonly misdiagnosed with ADHD and sometimes Schizophrenia, however for a Depression patient it is very unlikely to be diagnosed with either.

Bipolar Disorder is also linked to creativity whilst Depression is not, this is because of the Hypomanic phases may cause the individual to be more confident in their abilities as well thinking differently which may lead to ridiculous or genius ideas.

Bipolar I patients show symptoms of psychosis such as Hallucinations whereas it is much less common in Depression patients although it is no unknown. Also delusion in bipolar patients may be of a pleasant nature but in depressive patients it is almost always negative. by Oye Shade
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