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Dovizioso: "I've studied Yamaha since joining MotoGP™"

Sunday, January 22, 2012

How do you feel afterwards your contempo anaplasty -"like new" as you mentioned on twitter?

"After the crash, there was a lot of pain. Fortunately, for abounding years I didn’t accept any big crashes and the operation went well. It was aching afterwards but if you appetite to be a rider, this is normal. Now I’m aloof attractive advanced to the abutting analysis in Malaysia."

How can it affect your adjustment to the Yamaha?
"I can’t apperceive at the moment what my bearings will be at the analysis in Malaysia, because 23 canicule afterwards anaplasty is not a lot. At the moment, they did a acceptable job on the operation and I’m absolutely assured I can be able for the test, but the aboriginal analysis in Malaysia--a allotment of my botheration consistently is it’s consistently difficult because afterwards 3 months afterwards actuality on a bike, I am in the affliction position because the Malaysia ambit is absolutely hard, and with the clamminess and aerial temperatures, it makes it difficult. I anticipate and achievement I will be OK to accept the bike. Maybe at the additional analysis I will be at 100 percent so I can more acceptable accept my level."

Each year, a few riders analeptic motocross/off-road training injuries during the winter - about best riders accede on the actuality that it's a acute blazon of training. Can you explain us what it brings you in agreement of fettle and "riding" sensations?

"Motocross is absolutely far from and actual altered than MotoGP, but it’s the alone way to alternation on a bike (during the winter). I am amorous about motocross additional it’s important for me to train. Every time I ride motocross it’s like training, it’s not aloof to accomplish some laps and accept fun with friends. For me it’s important for two reasons: For training, and because I am amorous about it."

Did you pay accurate absorption to the Yamaha riders, the way they ride and the way the bike behaves in the aftermost few GPs of 2011?

"It’s not alone been the aftermost few contest that I accept approved to accept the Yamaha bike. You consistently abstraction the added bikes, abnormally back you are on a branch team. I advised Yamaha back the aboriginal year I was in MotoGP. But until you try a bike, you can’t accept all the absolute credibility and abnormally all the abrogating credibility of a bike. You can accept article - but not everything."

How's your accord with Cal Crutchlow? Afterwards a few seasons in MotoGP ‘on your own’ at Honda, do you attending advanced actuality able to ‘share’ with a team-mate or will he be your aboriginal rival?

"I’m blessed to be a team-mate with Cal, he is a acceptable guy and I anticipate he is a absolutely acceptable rider. He didn’t accept abundant acquaintance in the apple championships like Superbike and Supersport and abnormally MotoGP, but he is here, so that agency he is talented. I anticipate cipher knows absolutely what Cal’s banned of are, because he has alone been in MotoGP one year and had some crashes, but I anticipate he can be absolutely competitive. I don’t apperceive how much, but I’m absolutely blessed to assignment with him and to advance the bike together."

After spending all your GP career on Honda (minus a aboriginal wild-card GP on Aprilia), how was it to allotment means with Honda at the end of 2011?

"I anticipate my after-effects were absolutely good, abnormally in 2011, but of advance it’s not enough. From the outside, it’s altered to accept the akin we are at now…but no one can be 100 percent blessed with 3rd position because it isn’t first. But for anyone who understands the akin of antagonism there is now, to abode 3rd is actual difficult so for that I’m blessed about the result, abiding my ambition is higher, but I anticipate third in the Championship and abnormally to abode third in the aftermost chase with Dani, for me that was absolutely important."

As a able racer and ancestor of a 2-year old, does the actuality of seeing your babe abound up and attractive afterwards her accord you a altered angle on racing?

"Since my babe was born, my mindset has afflicted a lot. The aftermost two years I’ve had my best results, and aggregate became nicer for me afterwards she was built-in because she is article special. I’m absolutely blessed to be a father, I’m absolutely adolescent but I anticipate it has helped my results. Maybe for me (parenthood) has been more acceptable than for others because I’m still so adolescent that I’m not cerebration ‘I’m old now and accept to focus on my family,’ and maybe this is why (becoming a father) has alone helped."

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